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20/10/2010 Hi all,
The race is looking good, This week the UIM ratified it as an International Race for 2011. All venues in place...but... everybody keeps asking 'what's happening with RB11?'
Well the next step is up to the racers...... you need to step forward and send your deposits please. We can then start to organise course and obtain course approval from the RYA, this is very time consuming and the time will start to get a bit tight if we wait much longer for the last few entries to sign up.
02/09/2010 Team Voom Voom are the first entry into the 2011 Round Britain Powerboat Race!
Today we have received our first entry form & �00 deposit. Thanks team Voom Voom!
01/09/2010 Entry now open.
Round Britain Powerboat Race 2011 now taking entries. Closing date for entries 31st October 2010. Deposit on entry �000 non refundable. Entry form download.
23/07/2010 'The Round Britain 2011 Powerboat race today announces its to start and finish in Torbay.'
(From Herald Express)
TORBAY is set to host one of the most exciting events in the powerboat calendar next year.

A meeting was held this week to discuss Torquay hosting the Round Britain Race, with some of the country's finest boats taking part in 1,450 nautical miles of endurance competition. Torbay councillors and the harbourmaster met with members of the Offshore Racing Drivers Association to sort out details of the event starting and finishing in Tor Bay next June.

Gordon Oliver, one of those at the presentation, said: "It was a productive meeting, and we'll welcome the race with open arms.
"We've certainly got the facilities to host such a major event. The bay is perfect and we have all the accommodation they need. All the advantages are here.

"It'll be a spectacle for residents as well as visitors, and we'll make sure it's an event they remember."

Forty-seven boats have already registered to take part in the race, ranging from Class A to Class H.

They will vary in size, with the largest measuring 40ft long, which is comparable to F1 boats.

Subject to the deal being finalised, the powerboats will leave Torquay on June 18 before heading to Milford Haven, Inverness, Newcastle, Lowestoft and Portsmouth, and then returning to Torquay on June 26.

Television channel Sky 3 has signed up to broadcast every stage of the race, and organisers are also aiming to have a classic boats race, with older boats perhaps travelling on the last leg of the event.

The Royal Torbay Yacht Club, on Torquay harbourside, will host race co-ordinations, and a ceremony will be held at the Imperial Hotel.

Dean Gibbs, event director, said: "We've had an unofficial confirmation, but there are still permissions to be obtained.

"We should know within a week or so, although everyone thought it would be good for Torbay to host this race.

"We'd be very honoured if Torbay hosted this event, because Torbay is the traditional home of powerboat racing."

Members of ORDA are regular visitors to Torbay, with the resort hosting numerous legs of the national championships.

Shirley Simpkins, ORDA secretary, said: "We would very much like to bring the race to Torquay.
"We have excellent relationships with the people of Torbay, and at a meeting in January we were asked if we could bring bigger boats and events to Torquay.

"Well, here is that opportunity. I think it'll be all systems go in terms of it happening, but it's got to be discussed in depth by the council.

"The meeting was really, really good. Everyone's very keen. We scoped out a lot of details and, hopefully, it'll be coming to Torbay next year."
Photo (From Left to Right) Dave Simpkins, Dean Gibbs, Shitley Simpkins, Gordon Oliver, Amanda Gibbs and Kevin Mowatt.
11/06/2010 RB11 are planning to start and finish the race from Torquay.
Torquay has a rich heritage in powerboat racing with fantastic facilities for both the racers & spectators. We were there a couple of weeks ago for the ORDA weekend of racing and we received a warm welcome & were encouraged to bring RB11 to Torquay

We are meeting the Torquay authorities on 22nd June & will keep you all up to date with the arrangements.

RB11 will hold a launch at CTC and all are welcome, we will issue race 'packs' including finalised route/venues along with race entry forms

Subject to CTC timetable..... the current thinking is that the launch will be on the Saturday afternoon.
RB11's new course integrates the requests of many racers to accept the 'adventure' format. The race is now a 7 leg race with the third leg from Milford Haven to Oban being an 'adventure' leg of approximately 310 Nautical miles. Each crew is free to plan their route / fuel strategy for this leg
whilst avoiding all exclusion zones .Please review the new course << here >>.
A well attended meeting was held at Drivers Dry Berthing on the 5th of December by eighty people representing 38 2011 Round Britain Powerboat Race teams.
For those that could not attend, or didn't have a large enough notebook to write down the details - Here is a link to Event Director Dean Gibbs presentation on Saturday.



Film of Presentation

At a directors meeting of the British Powerboat Racing Club this week, the BPRC announced their full support for the RB11 Race and have again kindly offered the Beaverbrook Trophy to be competed for the winner of the 2011 Round Britain Race.
Today, Blue FPT the current Round Britain Champions and winner of The Beaverbrook Trophy announced that they would be returning to defend their title.
Vassilis Pateras said that he was happy to return and looking forward to 慴ig competition� from other competitors.

Blue FPT closes in on victory in 2008 - Photo Chris Davies

RB11 are pleased to announce a kick off meeting to be held at Drivers Dry Berthing in Southampton. The meeting details and location can be downloaded <here>. On the same day Drivers have a boat jumble starting at 9.00am along with Hot dogs, tea and coffee. It will be a great day out and we may be able to pick up a bargain as well!
The RB11 meeting starts at 11.00am and is expected to run for about 90 minutes. The meeting will explain the format & cost of RB11 followed by a discussion between us all to finalise the direction of the race going forward.

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