About Us

Round Britain Race is a website that is dedicated to providing content on all matters concerning Offshore Powerboat Association (OPA) races. We believe that OPA racing, and powerboat racing in general, is one of the most exciting sports. As such, it is essential to promote it to a broader public audience.

The Team

The website is actually run by a team of OPA racing enthusiasts who are excited at the opportunity to share their passion with other fans and newbies looking to get into the sport. The content will reflect this broad audience by catering to both hardcore fans and those still new to OPA racing.

Our Content

The content that you should expect to find on Round Britain Race includes:

* A calendar of OPA racing events, their location, and news building up to each event

* Detailed coverage on racing teams and their personnel, including significant developments, past performance stats and other newsworthy content on the teams

* Beginner friendly content that newbies can use to get up to speed with the sport

* A detailed analysis of the rules and any updates to them

* Profiles on competition courses

* Detailed profiles on participating boats and the key personnel and crew who make up each team

* Live coverage on each OPA racing event

* Fan content and insider editorials to facilitate community engagement at all levels within the OPA racing community

This is not an exhaustive list; just a brief snapshot of what you should expect to find on this website. The coverage will be impressively broad.

Round Britain Race intends to be a one-stop-shop platform for OPA racing fans from all over the world.