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There is undoubtedly no better way to keep up to date with the latest news and developments in OPA racing and powerboat racing in general than by signing up to the RoundBritainRace newsletter. This is a comprehensive and carefully curated newsletter that will be delivered to your inbox regularly. So whether you are known as a long time fan of the sport or a more casual recent convert, there is content for everyone. So read on to actually learn more about what the newsletter offers.

What Content Should Subscribers Expect?

The actual aim of the newsletter is to deliver news, updates and developments in the world of OPA racing. While it will include a wide variety of content, the following is a brief snapshot of what you should expect.

Previews of Important Upcoming Posts

Newsletter subscribers will be informed of important posts that are about to go live on the website. These will be big news items, important updates and critical developments.

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Some promotions and giveaways will be offered exclusively to newsletter subscribers. We expect to have many of these exclusive promos throughout the year, with many of our partnering brands participating.

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When vital news on OPA races breaks, newsletter subscribers should expect to receive the information in their inbox before it goes live on the website.

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The newsletter offers the perfect platform to provide educational pieces on essential topics like buying a powerboat, maintenance, and expert advice on getting into competitive powerboat racing.

Fun Community Engagement

Subscribers will have the opportunity to send their opinions, feedback and other types of fan content that will be featured on the newsletter regularly. Community engagement is a crucial goal for the newsletter.

Who is the Newsletter For?

The newsletter will have variety; there will be something for everyone in each edition. Be they seasoned fans, amateur competitors, or newbies just getting into the sport.

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